Carpet Cleaning

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Avoid using soapy solutions to clean your carpet. Soaking wet carpets may look clean for a short while, but the residual soap scum dries to become a sticky mould and dirt attractor.

We at Action ChemDry welcome you to discover our totally safe, unique and environmentally friendly top quality process to clean carpets and upholstery fabrics.

This patented process is approved by leading manufacturers for most carpets and fabric including oriental rugs.

With the Action ChemDry process, most carpets dry in one to two hours, and most stubborn stains, pet stains and black edges will be removed. Carpets cleaned the Action ChemDry way, the Natural way, are left sparkling clean. Our secret is the power of the effervescent carbonating cleaning solution (Carbonation), that is so effective, that only a small amount of the moisture is necessary to achieve a clean carpet.

We are part of a worldwide network that has over 3,700 franchises operating in 50 countries.

Together we serve every style of home including famous royal palaces. We use natural, safe, low allergenic non polluting products. We guarantee most carpets will dry in one hour, and most stubborn stains, pet stains, and black edges, will be removed. These unique qualities achieve a 99% customer satisfaction rating. We are an award winning Business in our field for over fourteen years, including the Consumers Choice award winner for three years in a row, for business excellence and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award winner two years in a row. ChemDry of the year award and the Ambassador award, we are the proud recipient of the top choice award, ‘mark of excellence’ and the Toronto Sun Annual Choice Award.

We are the first in Canada to achieve the international quality standard ISO9001:2000.

We are not cheap, good quality never is. Just cut out quality process steps, and use cheap chemicals, but doing that only makes matters worse and the customer always pays more in the end. If you are more interested in healthy long lasting results, demand outstanding quality, and the finest guaranteed and warranted service, please call us for further information. We are your safest choice and your best value.

The Action ChemDry

Drier, Cleaner, Healthier.

Drier, we use a carbonating solution to lift the soil to the surface which leaves carpets drier. We use a fraction of the water of steam cleaning, resulting in a shorter drying time resulting in less opportunity for bacterial and mould growth. Action ChemDry leaves no soapy residue that can cause rapid resoling. Our customers prefer drier results, their homes are back to normal quicker.

Cleaner, because we use a carbonating solution, we leave carpets cleaner. We remove more dirt and soil from the carpet, than any other cleaning method. Other methods leave wet soapy residues on the carpet, which can create a problem called wicking (this is when a wet carpet acts like a wick to pull dirt and soil from the backing, back up to the carpet surface). Our customers rank clean as their number #1 expectation.

Healthier, because we use a carbonating solution, with a neutral pH, there are no harmful detergents or residues left behind in the carpet after the cleaning. We leave the carpets healthier, because we use less water. This way, there is less chance for bacterial growth or mould formation. Water driven into the carpet and under pad by steam cleaning, may promote mould and bacterial growth in just hours. Carpets cleaned by Action ChemDry dry faster, are cleaner, and left with virtually no residue and therefore are healthier.