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Homeowners and businesses in the Oakville, Ontario region know that they can depend on commercial carpet cleaning services by the professionals at Action ChemDry. With more than 20 years of providing excellent cleaning services to clients from Bronte Village to River Oaks, customer satisfaction for residents of the Halton region has always been our top priority.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Our Oakville office provides flood damage recovery, carpet cleaning services and upholstery cleaning (linen, leather, microfibers, cotton, and rayon). Our patented Action ChemDry Carbonation Process leaves your floors beautifully clean in half the time.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is Best in Oakville

Perhaps you have just taken the family for a walk through Bronte Creek Provincial Park during the cooler days of fall or during the spring melt off and you head back indoors.

Outside dirt and mud gets brought into the home on the bottom of your shoes. Dirt and dust can also enter through your open office window or the windows in your home. Where does the dirt go?

Eventually it will settle onto your carpet and other surfaces. Dirt particles and dust mites can build up in your carpet. Over time they can wear out your carpet.

Regular carpet and upholstery cleaning can help.

Why You Should Keep Your Carpets Clean

  • Removes soils and stains
  • Removes dust mites
  • Prevents bacteria buildup
  • Protects against damage
  • Easier to maintain
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Prolongs the life of your carpet
  • Enhances the overall look of the room
  • Boosts morale

Why You Should Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

  • Maintains the Warranty
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast
  • Affordable

Action ChemDry Professional Services Are Time and Cost-Effective

Some people try renting rug cleaning machines from local rent-alls and grocery stores. Although these machines may do the job, they may not be in the best condition and don’t have the power of professional machines. Hiring the professionals at Action ChemDry to clean the carpet in your home or office is more cost-effective and time efficient.

Prolonging the Life of Your Carpet Saves Money

Vacuuming your carpet at regular intervals and having it deep cleaned by a professional service provider will prolong the life of your carpet. Remember that vacuuming only removes the surface dirt. Action ChemDry uses an environmentally-friendly, totally safe, cleaning process that leaves your carpets and area rugs clean and refreshed. If you have an heirloom rug, a Persian rug, or an Oriental rug, protecting your investment by scheduling maintenance for it at regular intervals will help to keep its beauty and lustre.

Our Patented Cleaning Process Provides the Best Carpet Cleaning Experience

Since no soap products are used in our process, there is no soapy residue left behind. People who try to shampoo their carpets themselves, whether it is by using a personal carpet shampooer or a rented one often find that these machines can leave carpet feeling wet and soapy.

Our patented Action ChemDry process greatly reduces the amount of water used to clean your rugs. In most, if not all cases, the process used has your area rug or carpet completely cleaned and dry within one or two hours.

Excellent Customer Service

Action ChemDry takes pride in the fact that we have been providing excellent customer service to businesses and residential customers who need their carpets professionally cleaned in the Oakville region.

We have been awarded the Consumers Choice Awards for three years due to our high quality standards, value, and service.

The next time you need your residential or commercial carpet cleaned call us at Action ChemDry. We will be more than happy to serve you.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Often caused by flooding, faulty plumbing, or damaged roofs, water damage can have very costly long-term effects on the home. If any signs of water damage occur, it is best to be sure they are treated immediately. Action Chem-Dry’s technicians are prepared to correct all forms of water damage and safeguard against future progressive damage.

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